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Personal Training


Personal Training Personal/one-on-one MMA Training If you aren’t able to attend the schedule training sessions at Strike or Submit, or you want a tailored training regime to suit your specific goals and ambitions, ask us about our personal, one-on-one training sessions. Head coach Neil Huntley, a professional MMA fighter with […]

Strike Fit


Strike Fit Tuesdays, 6pm-7pm and Thursdays, 6pm-7pm Strike Fit is one of our most popular classes. You’ll experience an hour of full on, intense exercise that is designed to increase your fitness levels. We include a wide range of different exercises that include the dreaded ropes, the caveman tyre and […]

Submission Wrestling/Grappling


Submission Wrestling/Grappling Wednesdays, 5.30pm-7pm Open mat (submission wrestling/grappling) Good wrestling/grappling skills are a crucial part of becoming a good, all-round MMA fighter. This session focuses on positioning and taking advantage of openings to apply submission holds, as well as defensive techniques to escape from them. If you want to learn […]

Squad Training


Tuesdays, 7pm-8pm The squad training sessions are designed for those who preparing to compete at amateur level, but are open to anyone who would like to benefit from this type of training. The session includes MMA drills that will enhance your stamina and strength.



Fridays, 6pm-7pm Sparring is a great way to put your training into practice in a safe and controlled environment and try out new techniques. To take part in light sparring you will need to have at least three weeks of training if you have no prior experience. All of those […]

All-round striking


Mondays, 6pm-7pm Learn a variety of kicks, punches, knees and elbows from a diverse range of martial arts, including Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing. You can expect to quickly develop your striking skills from beginner to advanced, developing techniques that will prepare you for competitive MMA fights and help with […]